How we work

The ministry of social welfare conducts annual spontaneous and unscheduled inspections on the orphanage home to check on the welfare of the children, the state of the facilities in the orphanage home and how conducive the environment is.

We always carry out our activities according to the guidelines of the ministry, and we can confirm that the home has always received positive commendations from its officials.

However, we also ensure the following:

Provision of Food

We source and prepare a variety of nutritious food daily for the children in our orphanage to ensure that they are well-fed, strong and able to develop physically in the proper way.

Provision of Shelter

We provide a safe and secure environment so that the children are not exposed to danger, vulnerable situations and harsh weather conditions. Our home currently has enough rooms to accommodate up to 20 children, and we also have the necessary facilities that make day to day living comfortable for them.


The management of TPG Orphanage understands the importance of networking; we are always actively involved in various initiatives and training programs organized by the umbrella organizations for NGOs within the state. Through networking we establish new relationships with other charity organizations, acquire more knowledge with respect to running an orphanage home and care giving so that we can continue to make positive changes in our organization.

Seeking Sponsorship

By seeking sponsorship for the orphans and organizing fund-raising activities, we embrace humanitarian support for all stakeholders and initiate opportunities for the children in the home.

Engaging Communities

By engaging communities and volunteers, we provide avenues for communal interaction at various levels ranging from students, to professionals, and the general populace at large.

Provision of Education

We believe all the children in our care have great potentials in them, and we provide additional supporting education in the form of extra tuition, educational materials and relevant training to nourish their minds, boost their confidence and help them realize and maximize their potentials. The children are involved in workshops organised in  conjunction with  other  homes to improve their  vocational skills


We always strive to maintain a neat, tidy and healthy orphanage environment; we also periodically service and maintain all the facilities in the orphanage home so that the children will continue to be productively engaged, and also remain comfortable at the home.

Provision of Clothing

The children in our home are always provided with clean, comfortable clothes. This ensures that they look smart and presentable every day; being well-dressed also helps to build their confidence.

Provision of Healthcare

At TPG Orphanage, we never joke with the health of the children in our care. We regularly invite heath care professionals who vaccinate the children when necessary and conduct medical checkups on them to ensure they remain healthy and active. The home is attached to a small hospital in the area and we also provide basic drugs for common ailments such as headache, stomach ache, fever, etc.


We provide safe transportation for the orphans in our home whenever it is required for outings, trips, etc. The orphanage home has a small mini-bus that is used to convey the children to school and other social/ government activities and events.

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