Education Needs
At the TPG Orphanage, we take the education of the children very seriously. Apart from their schooling, the children benefit from the additional guidance and support of a lesson teacher who assists them with school assignments and helps them to prepare for tests, end-of-term tests and special examinations such as the Common Entrance Examination.

Currently, we are looking for sponsors and partners who will help to ease the financial burden of training these children educationally. With respect to that, we urgently require the following:

  • Financial support for school fees payment.
  • Educative reading materials (such as novels, general knowledge books, etc) to equip the library.
  • ICT training materials such as computers and a study room for IT training and awareness
    School bags and other school accessories.

Recreation Needs
We believe that all work and no play hinder the proper development of the children in our orphanage home and also makes them dull, and so we require the following for their leisure and recreation:

  • Recreational items such as Ludo, scrabble, droughts, cards, monopoly, etc.
  • DVD’s and CDs (children and youth concepts).
  • Sporting equipment and kits such as Footballs, table tennis, sports shoes, etc.
  • Various kinds of toys.

Other Needs

We also require:

  • Financial support for the maintenance of the children, home facilities and administrative coverage.
  • Clothes (in good and reasonable condition) of sizes adequate for boys and girls whose ages range from 3 months to 16 years.
  • Bed sheets, bed-covers, pillows and pillow cases.
  • Electric lamps and lanterns.
  • Plastic chairs and tables, study tables, computer/workstation tables
  • Inverter for power support.
  • New bus.