Fund-raising, without a doubt, is the lifeblood of the TPG Orphanage, and every other orphanage as well. Without it, we will be unable to provide food, education, healthcare and other necessities for the orphans; we will also find it hard to pay the wages of our front-line staff, create awareness of the plight of orphans, as well as sustain and improve the home.

We can generate financial support for the orphanage because, thankfully, there are people out who understand how vital the work we do is, how successful out efforts are, and how much more still needs to be done. We are talking about special people like you – people who understand the negative impacts of poverty, care about others who are at an extreme disadvantage, and feel concerned about every individual’s right to a better future. And the best thing about this special kind of people is that they don’t just care or talk about other people’s problems – they do something about it.

So, whether you just want to be offering regular donations, or you’re bringing innovative money-raising ideas to the table, or you have some time on your hands and want to volunteer to contribute in a community setting, we at the TPG Orphanage welcome you with open arms because you are a very important part of what we do.