• The TPG orphanage is a ministry that provides help, hope and total parental guidance for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Welcome to our website

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the TPG Orphanage website. Here, you will find ample information regarding the management of TPG Orphanage, the orphans, the orphanage home itself, and the various activities we engage in at the home.

As you now know, our orphanage was set up as a ministry of help for orphaned and vulnerable children. The home is located at Oluyole Estate, Ibadan and has the capacity to accommodate up to 20 children, but currently it houses 14 children (5 males and 9 females) with their ages ranging from 1 year – 16 years.

Supporting orphaned children with regular donations is a very noble gesture, because your donations can go a long way towards giving these kids hope and a reason to live. It’s all about what the money can do, such as the provision of proper education and learning materials, food, essential health products, and a supportive environment in which the kids can properly develop and thrive.

We at the TPG Orphanage have taken the first step towards helping and supporting orphaned and vulnerable children, and now we are giving you the opportunity to equally support these less-privileged kids in your own capacity. All you have to do is to commit to helping another human being who wants a better future with an inexpensive, yet priceless gesture.

Make the decision to sponsor an orphan today – it could be one of the best decisions you will ever make!

Thanks & Best Wishes,

Olusegun Ogungbe

Founder, TPG Orphanage

How to Donate

You can donate to the TPG Orphanage in 4 different ways:

Online through our website

By cheque

Cash payment

Mobile payment/transfer

Bank Account Details

Bank: Access Bank PLC

Acct. Name: Total Parental Guidance Orphanage

Acct. No.: 0050429341

Donate with InterSwith



Donate with PayPal



TPG is a Charitable Organization

Assisting orphaned and vulnerable children in need is our primary objective, and we can only fulfill this noble objective with your help. Taste the joys of being a philanthropist – join hands with us today to make life worth living for orphaned kids in our home!




We Always

Ensure that the utmost comfort is made available to the children at the home using the relevant infrastructure, facility or resource in place at any point in time.

We Care

For the children in line with the guidelines of the Social Welfare Ministry vis-à-vis providing a stimulating environment which stimulates their mind to proper development.

We Take Care

To raise the children in line with Christian principles and strong pastoral guidance.

Aim and Strive

To provide a good and solid foundation for the physical, spiritual, emotional and sociological well-being of the orphans by nurturing and caring for them in the best ways we can.

Skills For Life Training

Skills for life is a two-week enhancement Bootcamp designed to equip orphaned kids with the necessary skills to prepare them for the labour market. The project is aimed at empowerment, building self-reliance and financial independence for these kids.

Please click on the flyer to download it.

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